Enforcing the Public's Right to Transparency

The following case summaries and select court filings provide a resource for those seeking to enforce public rights of access.

Honolulu Civil Beat v. Department of the Attorney General

Online publication Civil Beat challenged denial of access to the Department of the Attorney General’s report concerning the State Auditor’s Office.  The AG refused to provide access[...]

R.H. v. Matayoshi

Plaintiffs moved to unseal records marked confidential by the State Department of Education in this lawsuit alleging sexual abuse involving a student.  The Law Center[...]

Civil Beat Law Center for the Public Interest, Inc. v. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The Law Center challenged the CDC’s interpretation of a federal statute as the basis for withholding all information regarding an inspection at the University of[...]

Peer News LLC v. City & County of Honolulu

Online publication Civil Beat challenged the City Department of Budget & Fiscal Service's denial of access to formal inter-agency memoranda that are part of the[...]

Peer News LLC v. State Ethics Commission

Online publication Civil Beat challenged the State Ethics Commission's decision to withhold financial disclosure statements filed by sitting members of the State's most powerful boards[...]

Peer News LLC v. City & County of Honolulu

Online publication Civil Beat challenged the Honolulu Police Department’s policy to deny all public records requests for files concerning police officers suspended for misconduct. Civil[...]

Oahu Publications Inc. v. Ahn

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now challenged Judge Karen Ahn’s decision to close her courtroom to the public on several instances during the last[...]