Kealoha v. City & County of Honolulu

On April 14, 2017, Civil Beat made a request to the City Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for basic employment information about Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Katherine Kealoha (e.g., positions held, dates, salary, application for employment, and leave records).  Kealoha filed a lawsuit against the City Prosecutor claiming that the requested records were protected by the constitutional right of privacy and cannot be disclosed.  Because Kealoha did not name Civil Beat as a party to the case, Civil Beat moved to intervene in the proceeding to protect the right of access under the public records law and to challenge the City’s delay in disclosing the records. The case is assigned to Judge Dean E. Ochiai.  Civil No. 17-1-0834-05 DEO.  On June 30, Judge Ochiai ordered the records immediately disclosed to Civil Beat.