2015 Legislative Session


The Law Center submitted the following testimony during the 2015 legislative session.  The descriptions of each bill were copied from the Capitol website.

S.B. 419

 Allows neighborhood board members to attend certain meetings under certain circumstances. Effective July 1, 2050. (SD1)

S.B. 420

 Amends the definition of “board” to exclude neighborhood boards.

S.B. 465

 Amends the Sunshine Law to expressly allow certain government records to be shared among public board members where no commitment relating to a vote on the matter is made or sought.

S.B. 475

 Allows the electronic mailing of meeting notices; requires the posting of the notice on the state or appropriate county’s electronic calendar; and clarifies potential posting disputes. Adds emergency meetings to the public meeting notice requirements. (SB475 HD1)

S.B. 497

 Repeals the privacy exemption within the Uniform Information Practices Act for county police department officers. (SD1)

S.B. 652

 Requires a public agency board to report any discussion or final action taken during an executive meeting; provided that such disclosure is not inconsistent with the purpose of convening the executive meeting, but giving the board discretion to maintain confidentiality. (SB652 HD1)

S.B. 723

 Permits members of a county council to jointly attend and speak at certain community meetings or presentations; provided that the meetings or presentations are events open to the public.

S.B. 1208

: Authorizes the Employees’ Retirement System Board of Trustees to hold a meeting closed to the public to discuss or decide upon certain matters. (SB1208 HD1)

S.B. 1210

Allows more than two members of a board to discuss official board business as long as no commitment to vote is made and the number of members do not constitute a quorum of the board.

H.B. 131

 Clarifies that records that show a licensee’s relevant experience, trade examination results, and adequate bonding are subject to disclosure.

H.B. 150

 Allows a board member to transmit certain government records to another board member provided that no commitment to vote is made.

H.B. 287

 Broadens the individual’s significant privacy interest under the UIPA to include records whose disclosure would create a substantial and demonstrable risk of physical harm to an individual. (HB287 HD1)

H.B. 728

 Requires a health organization to annually disclose de-identified claims data to Insurance Commissioner. Requires Insurance Commissioner to annually disclose de-identified claims data to a large group purchaser upon request. Exempts de-identified claims data from public disclosure except as provided. Makes conforming amendments.