In re Civil Beat Law Center for the Public Interest

The Law Center objected to a motion filed by Defendant Terri Ann Otani to seal documents filed in connection with a proposed motion to dismiss the indictment or suppress evidence in United States v. Keith Kaneshiro et al., 22-CR-48 JMS WRP.  The only issue raised by the motion to seal is a question of secrecy related to the underlying grand jury proceedings. The Law Center’s objection is filed under 23-MC-507.  On August 9, 2023, Judge Seabright denied the motion to seal.

Motion to File Under Seal Motion to Dismiss the First Superseding Indictment for Prosecutorial Misconduct or in the Alternative to Suppress Statements and Convene a Kastigar Hearing (7/21/23)

Unredacted Motion to Dismiss with Exhibits (8/11/23)